FREE SOCCER!!! Fall 2014 Player Placements (Tryouts) will take place August 25 - September 4 @ Lloyd Steele Park & October 6 -16 @ Fox Hollow Dome.  +++    +++  Registration is NOW open for the Fall 2014 Alaska Rush School of Excellence session!  +++    +++  FREE SOCCER in Fairbanks!!! Fall 2014 Player Placements (Tryouts) will take place August 25 - September 4 @ FYSA Soccer Fields.  +++  



About Alaska Rush Soccer Camps

Alaska Rush Soccer Club offer an extensive menu of training programs throughout the year, all of which afford players unique opportunities to train, to play and ultimately improve. Programs such as Rush Pick-Up, Friday Night Finishing/Saturday Morning Shooting, F.A.S.T. or goalkeeping training cater to the needs of the Club's members who crave more than just the participation in the Tutor Program, by far Alaska Rush's most popular program.

In addition to the Club and Elite Programs, Alaska Rush Soccer Club also offers, at various times throughout the year, specialized soccer camps for its members and youth soccer players throughout the community. These camps are a good opportunity for players to focus on developing a specific set of skills or area of expertise while experiencing a different coaching style and training environment. Soccer camps offered by Alaska Rush include: 

  • 2015 Alaska Airlines College ID Camp (May 31 - June 3, 2015)
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