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Alaska Airlines Cup - Tournament Rules


2015 Alaska Airlines Cup - Tournament Rules

1. The rules of play shall be the "Laws of the Game" as published by FIFA, the editions currently accepted by the State Referees Association, the USYSA Youth Division and hte following modifications

2. All players are required to wear shinguards. No Exceptions. Metal cleats and/or removable cleats are prohibited during tournament play.

3. Any player wearing a brace or cast must provide a written statement from a doctor indicating that it is safe for that individual to play with the brace or cast. The statement must be presented to the referee during the equipment check prior to the game. The brace or cast must be sufficiently padded to prevent other players from being injured if struck. The referee may require a player with a brace or cast to leave the field of play if ther referee feels the player is playing in a manner that is dangerous to that player or any other players. Another player may be substituted for the player sent from the field.

4. The coach and/or manager are responsible for providing a tournament certofied roster (Stamped Check-in) and Player Passes to the head referee of each match 30 minutes prior to the start time. Failure to provide a credentialed roster will result in a forfeit, with a recorded score of 3-0. It is recommended that each team bring their team book to each match; player registration forms, insurance release forms, and any other paperwork required at Credentials Check-In.

5. GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME! There is no grace period. Any team that fails to field a minimum team of at least 6 players in U10-12, and 7 players in U13 and up at the scheduled start of a game will forfeit the game by a score of 3-0. If neither team can field a minimum team, both teams will be assessed a loss. No games will be rescheduled.

6. The coach of each team is responsible for the conduct of that team's players and supporters. The referees may discipline a coach for unacceptable behavior by supporters and/or spectators. At no time shall abusive or foul language or misconduct be permitted at any field or other tournament facilities.

7. Any player who is guilty of severe misconduct resulting in ejection (on or off the field, before, during, or after play), shall not be allowed further participation in the game in which the red card infraction occurred. In addition, that player may not play in the team's next scheduled game. Individuals receiving a red card will remain out of the vicinity of the field where the game is currently being played. A player receiving two red cards during the tournament will not be allowed to participate in the remainder of the tournament. A player who accumulates four yellow cards, or a combination of a red card and two yellow cards, will be denied further participation in the tournament.

8. Any team using an ineligible player(s) in a game will forfeit that game to the opponent by a score of 3-0.

9. A maximum of 4 guest players is allowed per team. A guest player may only register and play for one team participating in the tournament. A guest player must be registered in good standing with the State or Provincial association to which he/she belongs. A guest player may "play up" in an older age group, but under no condition shall he/she be allowed to play in a younger age group as defined by AYSA.

10. Any coach who is ejected from a game must leave the field and remain out of the vicinity of the field on which their team is playing. Team play will be allowed to continue without the coach. The ejected coach may NOT coach ANY team they are affiliated with in its next (2) scheduled games and may not be present at the games.

11. The home team shall be the first team or top team designated in the schedule and shall provide the game ball if no tournament provided ball is available. In the event of a conflict of colors in team jerseys, the home team is responsible for a jersey color change.

12. Either team may substitute, with the permission of the referee, an unlimited number of players on any dead ball. There will be no limit on the number of times a player may re-enter the game. A player receiving a yellow card may be substituted at the time of caution. A player wearing a brace or cast who is ordered off the field may be substituted at that time. All substiutions should enter and exit the field of play at the centerline.

13. Teams, as registered with the Credentials Committee, shall consist of a minimum of 8 players to a maximum of 14 players for the U10-U11 age division, a minimum of 8 players to a maximum of 18 players (though only 14 may dress) for the U12 age division, a minimum of 11 players to a maximum of 18 players for the U13-15 age divisions, and a minimum of 11 players to a maximum of 22 players for the U16-21 divisions. Each player will be of the proper age for the division in which play is intended. A player may compete in an older division, but under no circumstances will a player be allowed to play in a younger division.

Teams allowed to register 22 players, may only roster and dress out 18 eligible players for any given match. Non-playing members must wear street clothes and may sit with the team for the duration of the match. Any non-playing member arriving at the field dressed out, may be asked to leave the field or change into street clothes. Additionally, if any player is ejected from a match, that team will be allowed to only roster the number of players at the time of ejection minus the number of ejected players for the number of games ejected. For example, a team has 22 players, 18 are on the roster for the first match. Two players get ejected during the match; that team may only roster 16 eligible players for the next match. If one of the ejections covers two games, the team will play with 16 for the next match and 17 for the third match (assuming no further ejections occur).

Any player can be challenged to prove legal age by members of the Credentials Committee or the Tournament Director. Guest players may be used on a team with maximum of 4 guest players per team. AYSA requires that a Single Event Guest Player Form be filled out. Contact your Club Registrar for more information and a copy of this form.

15. Decisions of the referees on the field will be final. There will be no Protest or Appeals Committee, and no protests or appeals will be heard. Any complaints, please contact the Tournament Director.

16. Spectators at games will not be on the same sideline as the team benches unless no alternative is available. No one is permitted behind the goals. No pets allowed at the fields.

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