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FREE SOCCER!!! Fall 2014 Player Placements (Tryouts) will take place August 25 - September 4 @ Lloyd Steele Park & October 6 -16 @ Fox Hollow Dome.  +++    +++  Registration is NOW open for the Fall 2014 Alaska Rush School of Excellence session!  +++  

Elite Programs - PT4U: More Info


PT4U is Alaska Rush’s premier strength & conditioning program for Youth, Junior, and Senior soccer players in Anchorage, Alaska. Competitive players within Alaska Rush can advantage of this program as can players registered with other clubs, those taking a break from soccer for a season, and even individuals who aren't signed to a club at all. PT4U is for everyone!!

The Mission of PT4U:
PT4U (Performance Training For You) is Anchorage's premier strength & conditioning program for the modern, competitive soccer player. Through our commitment to excellence, PT4U aims to improve sport performance by incorporating an age-appropriate training curriculum into the seasonal soccer schedule. Focusing on the needs based analysis of soccer athletes and from a biomechanical standpoint, the curriculum will include the following training components: speed, strength, power/explosiveness, balance, flexibility, agility, injury prevention, posture, and body awareness. PT4U is about giving players the added tools to take their game to the next level and be the #1 player on the pitch!

More information on each age-specific session:


Emphasis will be placed on developing movement proficiency and fundamental weightlifting skills to develop agility, balance, coordination and kinaesthetic and spacial awareness. This group will mainly be learning to manage body weight to help condition the child for later specificity. 

Equipment: cones, ladders, ankle bands, light medicine balls, light dumbbells


Individuals in this group will most likely be experiencing some rapid growth in limb lengths causing discomfort and potentially loss in motor coordination. It is especially important to (re)teach this group proper jumping, running, planting and turning mechanics. Teaching proper mechanics can be accomplished through verbal direction and body weight alone. In order to enhance strength, speed, power, agility, it is imperative to load the body with weight and or resistance.

Equipment: cones, ladders, ankle bands, superbands, foam rollers, boxes, medicine balls, dumbbells, (squat rack)


Emphasis will be placed on technical expertise and external loading. To improve speed, the athlete must load the body. In order to improve speed, the athlete must improve strength in the major muscle groups using weigh training lifts such as the squat, bench, deadlifts. 

Equipment: cones, ladder, ankle bands, superbands, foam rollers, boxes, medicine balls, dumbbells (squat rack, power rack)

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