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Alaska Airlines Cup - Tournament Format


2014 Alaska Airlines Cup - Tournament Format

1. Age Divisions: All teams have the option to be placed in their age group pool or play up. Each team will be grouped and games set based on luck of the draw. Every team will play at least three games in the tournament.

2. Duration of Games: The duration of all preliminary games will be two 25-minute halves for the U10 Divisions. The duration of all preliminary games will be two 30-minute halves for the U11-12 Divisions. The U13-U15 Divisions will play two 35-minute halves. The U16-U23 Divisions will play two 40-minute halves. There will be a 5-minute halftime period. There will be no overtime periods or penalty kick shootouts during the preliminary rounds.

3. Playing Format: The U10-12 age groups will play 8v8. Age divisions U13 and up will play 11v11.

4. Tournament format and Awards: Tournament Format will be round robin to determine teams playing for the championship games in each division. Tournament age group Champions receive individual medals and scarves and handed a branded wooden plaque. Runners-up receive 2nd Place medals. Teams must play all scheduled games in order to play in the championship round. Awards Ceremonies for U11 through U23 will be held at the respective venue directly after their final match. Teams that cannot attend should send a representative to collect their awards.

The following 3 point scoring method will be used to determine what team will advance to the championship round from each pool:

  • 3 points for a win
  • 1 point for a tie
  • 0 points for a loss

A maximum of 3 points may be awarded in any given game. All games will be considered final. Any score in a game abandoned by the referee will be official and points will be awarded accordingly. The winner of each bracket will be the team with the highest point total.

5. Tie Breakers: In the case of a tie in the standings based on Tournament Points after the completion of the preliminary rounds, the following tie breakers will be utilitzed:

  • Head to Head (Please Note: Games played that only count for one team will NOT be considered as a “Head to Head” tie breaker)
  • Goal Differential (max of 4 goals difference per game)
  • Least goals allowed in all games played in team's flight
  • FIFA rules Kicks from the Mark

*In the event there is a three way tie, the Head to Head tie breaker is not used and the tie breaker goes straight to Goal Differential*

6. Single Elimination Games: Semi-Final games leading to Championship games and ending to a tie will go immediately to Kicks from the Mark; no overtime will be played.

7. Championship Games: Championship games will be played to determine first and second place in each age group where possible. Results of round robin play will determine teams to then play for Age Group Division Championships as outlined in the age group pairings.

The duration of the final games will be (overtime only played if score is tied at the end of regulation time):

  • U11-12: Two 30-minute halves/ two 10-minute halves both halves played
  • U13-U15: Two 35-minute halves/two 10-minute halves both halves played
  • U16-U23: Two 40-minute halves/two 10-minute halves both halves played
  • Championship Games ending in a tie after overtime will go to Kicks from the Mark
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