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A Word From...Technical Director


A Word From... is a new series of monthly articles from Alaska Rush Soccer Club's Techinical Director and Directors of Coaching. Each week, a different Director will submit an article pertaining to Alaska Rush, Rush Soccer or even world football in general. It's an opportunity for our readership to gain more insight on the sport and understand further what Alaska Rush Soccer Club is about and what Rush Soccer offers it's Members. 

A Word From... Technical Director

I want to be the best!

I want to be the best player! I want to be the best coach! I want to be the best Technical Director! Heck, I want to be the best husband and father I can be! I repeat, I want to be the best! And I don't believe there's anything wrong with that.

There's a standard of excellence I look to bring to everything I do. Do I achieve excellence in everything I attempt? Absolutely not! But the effort, the determination is there. The Tenacity is there, if I may borrow one of Rush's Core Values. If I don't accomplish my goal of being the best, at whatever I try, I admit, I'll be disappointed, but I can also be satisfied knowing I did everything I possibly could to achieve said goal. And I'm a better person for it.

Being the best isn't easy though; otherwise everyone would stand atop the pinnacle of their respective peer group. When I work with young players in the Club, one of the first things I ask them is, 'Who wants to be the best player in the Club? In Alaska? In the United States? In the World? The Galaxy?' and so on. Little hands shoot up from little arms skyward. You occasionally get the one boy or girl hopping up and down, a little more than enthusiastic to be noticed. I love it! Everyone wants to be the best!

But then I ask them, is there a difference between wanting to be the best and working to be the best? There's quietness next as everyone is processing the question. Then their eyes widen and their faces light up! They understand. There's a difference. Being the best isn't easy; otherwise everyone would be. Those who want to be the best are willing to work to be the best. Putting that extra time, effort, and energy to say they've earned that right. That's a large part in what it takes. 

The Japanese have a word for it: Ichiban. It means Being #1. 

Can you imagine now all those young players not just wanting to be the best anymore, but working to be the best? Not one player, not two players, but all of them. They're all pushing each other, striving to be the best player in the Club, the state, the country, the world, the galaxy, whatever. Everyone is pushing each other forward. Giving everything they've got, both on and off the field, all striving, working towards the same goal. To be the best!

The best players. The best coaches. The best soccer club in the State of Alaska. That's our goal...

Alaska Rush: The Best Soccer Club in the State of Alaska!

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