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Competitive - Player Loan

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Player Loan Program is a Rush interclub player exchange opportunity that allows all Rush players from all Branch Chapters to experience playing with other teams all over the country. Its goal is to provide numerous opportunities for Rush to facilitate and guide players' development as well as helping them to achieve their individual goals and dreams.

Through this program, players can take advantage of playing opportunities with teams in other regions of the country. They may play in events that their team may not be able to participate in. Players will be able to play at higher competitive levels, be exposed to regional or national staff, travel regionally, nationally or internationally as well as experience different playing styles, coaching, cultures and traditions.

Through this prorgram, coaches may be able to form competitive teams that would compete in high level national events. It opens up options and opportunities to expose their players into events that logistically, financially or for personnel reasons would be difficult to achieve within their own teams or clubs.

Players may sign up for the program by filling out the form "Player Request Form" and submitting it to the Technical Director at the Rush Office.

Players then will be contacted by the appropriate coach and/or team manager in order to logistically plan for the trip.

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