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Katelyn Houston plays for the 95 Rush. She recently went to florida to guest play in the Orange Classic with a team from Kansas. After the tournament she and her dad took the opportunity and went on a college road trip. Here is the story in her own words...

katelyn houston"My trip started out in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I had the great opportunity to guest-play with a team called Omega Select. I figured that since it was a select team, none of the girls would really know each other, however, after the first practice I soon learned that I was pretty much one of the only new girls. Regardless of just jumping in, the more time I spent with the team the closer we grew, especially on the field.

The first game we won 2-0. I was lucky to have one of my great friends, Katie Fraine, who’s played on ATL Beat this last season, come and watch my first game. Our second game was actually a tie, 2-2. The other keeper, who is committed to NC state, and I both had 1 go in on us, but the team managed to come back and tie it up in the last couple minutes, it still felt like a win.

Our last game was definitely the best, we were all very comfortable with each other at this point, much of that credit goes to the coach, Gaspard D’ Alexis, he did a great job of getting the team close in a short period of time. We played what seemed to be a team of giants, they were big, they were cocky, and they were talented.

Since I was splitting halves, I went in second half and it was 0-0. It seemed like forever but finally we scored and put it at 1-0! I was incredibly lucky to play with a team that had girls that were so willing to fight and play as hard as they did, and I’m looking forward to playing with them again soon.

After the tournament was over, my dad and I started our college trip adventure. We drove through Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and then back to Florida. I saw a ton of universities including; UCF, UF, FSU, UGA, Young-Harris College, UT, UNC Charlotte, USC (one of my favorites), and SC state. I was able to talk to a pretty great number of coaches, especially for nothing being planned—my dad and I just showed up and found the coaches—and got quite a few tours of the soccer facilities. 

Seeing the colleges in person is so incredibly different than looking over a college online. Some schools I got to and I fell in love, schools I hadn’t even thought about before, USC being one of them, and some I had gotten to and said “no way.” I would encourage any soccer player that’s looking into playing in college to do something like this, guy or girl. Being from Alaska doesn’t exactly make things easier when it comes to picking out a college, however, a trip like this could really help put a perspective on what you desire from your college experience."  


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